5 Ways to Recover From Burnout

It happens to the best of us—burnout.

We dedicate ourselves to our jobs, work long hours and take on extra responsibilities, and sometimes we do too much. As a result, we can get down in the dumps and find it hard to keep going.

Burnout is not an interchangeable word with everyday stress, and it’s not exclusively exhaustion or overload. It’s all three of the above components together.

Of course, it’s best to prevent burnout, but sometimes it’s impossible. So, what are some ways to recover from it?

5 Ways to Recover From Burnout

1. Evaluate Your Feelings

How stressed have you been? Have you been enjoying work? Do you have the resources you need to get the job done? These will help you determine what you need going forward.

Burnout is more likely to happen when you have too many job demands and few resources.

2. Delegate

Take a look at what you are doing. Are there things you can delegate to others? Do you need to be the one to do them? This can help lighten the load by asking others to take on the part of your load.

Sometimes we think we need to do it all. But often, we can delegate.

3. Self-reflection and Empathy

You need to give yourself a break. Don’t keep pushing yourself when you feel the need for a break. Instead, stop for a few minutes each day and reflect on how things are truly going.

Studies indicate that actively cultivating self-compassion and empathy can mitigate the impact of burnout.

4. Use a Gratitude Journal

Use this to record what you are thankful for and what is important to you.

First, get in touch with what is truly important to you, then prioritize it in your daily life. This helps keep things in perspective. Keep this as a daily habit.

If you notice that your values or goals are shifting, that’s okay – you can devise a plan to help you address this shift proactively.

5. Create a plan

Develop a plan on how to prevent burnout in the first place.

  • Take time daily to exercise—even a short walk in the morning can help.
  • Talk with a friend regularly. This helps keep you grounded and connected to what’s truly important. Try to cut down on screen time at night; try reading a hardcopy book so your eyes have a break.
  • Create a relaxation method for winding down at night, rather than just hopping into bed and hoping to go to sleep with all the things running through your mind.

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