4 Simple Steps to Set Intentions

It’s that time of year again: Time to re-evaluate your life, business, and goals.

Setting intentions for this year will help you fulfill them and be more successful than setting a resolution. Both practices require looking at yourself and making changes. But an intention isn’t as harsh as a resolution.

Rather than setting goals for where you want to go, creating intentions shifts your attitude and mindset toward how you want to be. It allows you to take steps and be proud of them. How does one do this? Take a look at these four steps to setting intentions.

4 Simple Steps to Set Intentions 

1. Evaluate Yourself

If you want more knowledge, energy, and creativity, you have to start by taking a step back and looking inward. 

This is true even for leaders who don’t have time, perhaps, especially for them!

“Spending time casting our thoughts back over the past day, week, or month and sitting down to regularly set goals for the future feels like a luxury of time [executives] can’t afford. But the truth is, these practices are proven to lead to more productivity and better performance from the world’s best leaders.”

2. Envision Success

This is not “an exercise in magical thinking; rather, it is a way for us to program our brain and our subconscious toward what we want to see happen.” ¬†

Studies show that if we envision something positive, we are more likely to see it come to fruition.

Likewise, if we envision something negative, we set ourselves up for this.

3. Get Away From Fear-Based Goals

Don’t beat yourself up trying to achieve something this year.

Intentions will be more of a goal without negative implications. “Positive intentions can help us take action with self-compassion rather than the sense of pressure that goals create.

4. Write Down Your Intentions

Create a picture, write it on a sticky note or simply write it on a piece of paper next to your bed.

Then, contemplate it daily so you can focus on what you intend to do.

“The intention I set in the morning informs my day in subtle or profound ways depending on the extent to which I keep it in my conscious awareness.”

These are a few ways to set intentions instead of resolutions; if you try them, you might be surprised at what you accomplish. In addition, you will be more at peace and able to enjoy life while accomplishing things daily.

If you are trying to tackle a big project at the office, let us help. Set an intention to check out our website today!

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